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Tuscany is one of Italy’s most beautiful regions and is characterized by its breathtaking landscapes with rolling hills in colors of lush green and gold, its sprawling iconic vineyards, olive groves and its charming hill-top villages, where you can discover an authentic way of Italian life. This wonderful experience in Tuscany takes you right to the heart of a picturesque authentic Italian wine estate in the Chianti hills.


Enjoy a stylish and relaxed environment to help you break free from daily toils and pressures. A refreshing experience to be pampered in an inviting, cozy and welcoming atmosphere and indulging in the best of food and wine that Tuscany offers. On one of your days, learn how to prepare an authentic Tuscan meal from the freshest seasonal ingredients. Under the instruction of a professional chef, you will learn the secret techniques for preparing wonderful dishes using fresh, organic ingredients. Your personal chef instructor will assist you in preparing a delicious Italian meal, including appetizers, a made-from-scratch pasta dish, main course, and dessert. Mangia!


Another day, enjoy a tour of the authentic wine estate, known worldwide for their wine and countryside of unrivaled charm. After the tour, you will experience a wine tasting session with three wines paired with local seasonal products, chosen by local sommeliers. Imagine a view of the vineyards with a glass in hand. Turn these moments into unforgettable memories.

Flavors of Tuscany

    • Cost: $3,495
    • Suggested Value: $4,500
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