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In the middle of the Atlantic lie the pristine Azores Islands. Nature is the strong suit of this utopian Portuguese archipelago. Known for its volcanic scenery, rich marine life and lush vegetation, the Azores will take you back to days when life was polite and stress free. On this adventure, you will fly into San Miguel Island nicknamed “The Green Island” (Ilha Verde) which is the largest island of the Azores. It’s a nature lovers paradise, full of great trails, pounding waves, and exceptional views.


The islands’ volcanic origin leaves unmistakable marks on the spectacular landscape and even in the cuisine. Steaming hot pools are everywhere, and the iconic dish of the Azores, a stew called Cozido is cooked by placing the pot in a hole in the ground near the famous caldeiras of Furnas, a town between Villa Franca and Nordeste on the map. This Azores experience will show you aspects of our planet you will never want to forget. See for yourself!

Immaculate Azores - Portugal

    • Cost: $3,295
    • Suggested Value: $4,300
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