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If you’ve never visited Montreal, you will wonder why you waited so long. This cosmopolitan and bilingual city is unlike any other in North America. From its rich and unique history, to its iconic foods and year-round festivals, Montreal is a must for anyone self-professed travel expert or food connoisseur. Visit Old Montreal on a guided discovery tour. Wander over cobbled streets, admire historic architecture, and poke your head into ubiquitous galleries, bookshops, and bars. The city’s highlights include Mt. Royal, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Square Victoria, Place Jacques Cartier, Chinatown, and much more. Make sure you visit the RESO, the underground city that over half a million people travel through during the harsh winters.


You will also get to experience the foodie scene with a trip to the Jean-Talon Market. On this food tour, you’ll sample regional delicacies and discover Québécois farm to table. Strolling through the city streets, you’ll gain a better understanding of why diversity is synonymous with Montreal. After each day of exploration, relax in your boutique hotel room and recharge. Make sure you bring your walking shoes to visit this epic city!

Scenic Montreal

    • Cost: $1,995
    • Suggested Value: $2,800
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