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Iceland, the country of fire and ice, lives up to its magical reputation. The northern lights, hot springs, glaciers, active volcanoes, geysers, and inviting desolation makes Iceland a natural phenomenon. Reykjavik, Iceland is a unique destination that offers pristine nature, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. Reykjavík also serves as an ideal jumping off point for the country’s natural wonders.


The well-known Golden Circle of the island contains three of the country’s most famous natural attractions:

  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Gullfoss waterfall
  • Strokkur Geysir and geothermal area


You can take a whale-watching boat tour or discover the south coast with a visit to the famous Blue Lagoon for a hot swim in an ice-cold climate. Just imagine bathing in steaming milky blue waters, sipping a cocktail at a swim up bar, and looking out over an otherworldly landscape of jagged peaks and black lava fields. This geothermal pool, the most visited of Iceland’s many such oases, boasts mineral-rich waters, a luxurious spa, and a magnificent setting. Discover the legendary country of Fire & Ice!

Wonderful Iceland

    • Cost: $2,495
    • Suggested Value: $3500
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