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If your spirit is filling your dreams with new heights in adventure, just point your compass south to soar higher in the Andes and the heart of Peru. This magical trip to South America begins in Lima with an overnight stay in the City of Kings. Enjoy some time to take in the colonial architecture of the Spanish conquistadores.


Fly to Cusco and head into the Sacred Valley for an overnight stay before boarding the Vistadome train to Aguas Calientes the foot of the mountain where “The Lost City” is found. Take the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the sunrise over Machu Picchu and see the mile-long aqueduct, holy houses, and remarkable temple ruins. You’ll also explore a wealth of ancient ruins that defy explanation and encounter the captivating cultures that live on in the Sacred Valley and Cusco.


Timeless temples, textiles, and tantalizing dishes are all on the menu on this free-spirited sojourn in Peru, including the 1-time you crave to explore the extraordinary culture of Peru on your own. Truly a dream come true!

Wonders of Peru

    • Cost: $3,995
    • Suggested Value: $5,000
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